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May 2019 Great Write Team Roster



**Updated at 4:30 p.m. on February 14th**

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  1. Giselle Beake, General Fiction
  2. Jacob Blocker, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  3. Kitson Broadbelt, General Fiction, Application of Distinction
  4. Alice Canonico, Historical Fiction
  5. Mikayla Carter, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  6. Ryan Chen, Fantasy/Science Fiction, Application of Distinction
  7. Lillian Damphousse, Mystery, Application of Distinction
  8. Owen Dunphy, Thriller
  9. Megan Erskine, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  10. Samuel Fieldson, Thriller
  11. Kaelyn Friedly, Thriller
  12. Chase Gould, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  13. Sophia Herrera, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  14. Claire Hoyle, Mystery, Application of Distinction
  15. Samantha Jones, Mystery
  16. Amy Joyal, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  17. Adelaide Kick, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  18. Jack Mitchell, General Fiction
  19. Tru Novak, General Fiction
  20. Zach Picket, Superhero Fantasy
  21. Laylah Reyes, General Fiction
  22. Kara Richardson, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  23. Maggie Scott, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  24. Jackson Shumaker, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  25. Liesel Smid, Historical Fiction
  26. Andrew Storey, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  27. Paige Thomas, General Fiction, Application of Distinction
  28. Megan Thurgood, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  29. Ava Wangen, Fantasy/Science Fiction
  30. Sawyer Webb, Thriller, Application of Distinction
  31. Maddy Winokur, General Fiction
  32. Sarah Yourshaw, Fantasy/Science Fiction

Roommate Assignments

  1. Samantha Jones & Megan Thurgood
  2. Lillian Damphousse & Claire Hoyle
  3. Liesel Smid & Alice Canonico
  4. Jackson Shumaker & Samuel Fieldson
  5. Laylah Reyes & Maggie Scott
  6. Paige Thomas & Ava Wangen
  7. Sophia Herrera & Giselle Beake
  8. Adelaide Kick & Megan Erskine
  9. Amy Joyal & Kaelyn Friedly
  10. Zach Pickett & Owen Dunphy
  11. Sarah Yourshaw & Tru Novak
  12. Jack Mitchell & Sawyer Webb
  13. Ryan Chen & Kitson Broadbelt
  14. Chase Gould, Jacob Blocker, and Andrew Storey (2 beds in this room)
  15. Maddy Winokur, Mikayla Carter, and Kara Richardson (2 beds in this room)

If you see your name on this list, please celebrate privately to avoid hurt feelings for others. Everyone turned in a good application, and the chaperone team knows that everyone really wanted to attend the trip. The chaperone team also wants ALL writers (every single person who applied…EVERY…SINGLE…PERSON) to know that you all are strong writers. Even if you don’t see your name on the list, keep writing and working on your craft.

If you see your name on the list, you need to accept you position for The Great Write, by sending Ms. Menard an email at to accept your place on the team and your assigned roommate. If you are unable to commit to your spot on the team, or if you are unable to be with your assigned roommate, then you may decline your reserved spot and it will be offered to the student on the alternate list. Specific room assignments will be given once we arrive at the castle; however, 7th graders are in the Pink House and 8th graders are in the castle. Ms. Asqueri is the chaperone in the Pink House.

In your email, acknowledge which of your parent(s) gave permission for you to attend the trip and share a room with your assigned roommate. 

There are very tight contract deadlines to honor, so all teammates need to confirm their place on the trip by 8:30 on Tuesday, October 9th. At this time, open positions will be offered to students on the alternate list. All contract agreements need to be confirmed and finalized by the end of the day on October 9th in order to honor our contract deadlines with the castle.